THC-CBD photo feast

Six course, THC & CBD-infused culinary experience like no other. Over 21 y/o only.



THC-CBD photo feast

Gift from the chef
1 small THC oil dropper 3 mg drop to each guest

THC butter infused pats for bread, scented with charred flower

First course

Hamachi crudo, THC dill oil (5 mg) slow, cannabis flower dust, shaved radish, dehydrated THC onion char (125mg)

Second course

Braised short rib, THC sauce Demi, slow blanched vegetables relish and 56.7 mg THC buttered potatoes

Third course

Black bass, THC lemon aioli (4mg), molasses aioli, shaved THC 24.5mg buttered zucchini, potato plank and a burnt caraway THC dust 2 mg

Fourth course

75 mg THC ricotta stuffed pasta, crab infused THC pomodoro sauce, 25 mg micro crisp basil

Fifth course

Smoked lettuce, blister tomatoes, CBD infused mustard dressing, dust pickles cucumbers/ breakfast radish shaving

Sixth course

Dessert - 50 mg tort shell and 17.6 Mg CBD chocolate inside tort


*Proteins subject to change based on local availability

All THC dinners are in the client's house only, indoors or outside.

Service includes grocery shopping, meal execution, plating, clean up.

This service is available as:
- On site chef

Location: Client's Place

Booking Policy
Bookings close 4 days before the session starts.
Cancellation Policy: *A cancellation made by the Client: We understand that occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may happen. ● In the period of 4 days prior to the event, the client will be entitled to 100% refund. Refunds may take between 3 to 5 days to process after the date of cancellation. ● Less than 3 days before the time set for the service, the payment is non-refundable