Rendition by Fire

Menu requires an open fire pit or large coal grill.



Rendition by Fire

Rendition by Fire

Menu created for an open fire pit or large coal grill only 

(Client provided wood burning fire pit or large coal grill)
Wood provided by client and cherry wood, mesquite are preferred

Eggs by fire
Smokey caviar, banana leaf, pickled onion, micro celery

Wilted lettuce
Local lettuce over fire, blistered tomatoes, charred lemon, warm dressing

Hay you enjoy this!
Hay wrapped Tilefish, charred leeks, grilled endive/potatoes

Don't run cow
Garlic & rosemary infused beef medallions, brown burnt butter, charred broccoli rabe

Slow cooked peaches & warm caraway seed cream

This menu takes two days to prep due to the style of the menu/
1 day to test your grill for 1 hour and then prep/ second day to tweak fire and execute.


Service includes grocery shopping, meal execution, plating, clean up.

This service is available as:
- On-site chef

Location: Client's Place

Booking Policy
Bookings close 4 days before the session starts.
Cancellation Policy: *A cancellation made by the Client: We understand that occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may happen. ● In the period of 4 days prior to the event, the client will be entitled to 100% refund. Refunds may take between 3 to 5 days to process after the date of cancellation. ● Less than 3 days before the time set for the service, the payment is non-refundable