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Shots, Steak & Ceviche

Tapas style feast

From $99 pp

Couple Up

Caribbean & Mediterranean fusion cuisine. 3 course menu.

From $90 pp

A New York Night

Modern American Cuisine

From $90 pp

Spring Fling

5 Course savory feast

From $114 pp

Buon Appetito

Light & fresh medley of seasonal flavors.

From $83 pp

By the Sea

Modern Southern Cuisine

From $96 pp

Wandering Soul

The best meal you'll have this spring. Customizable Seasonal menu.

From $83 pp

Italian Love

Modern Italian Cuisine.

From $90 pp

Trip to the Mediterranean

Modern Mediterranean Cuisine

From $110 pp

Crudo Night & It Feels Alright

Feast of the seven seas.

From $114 pp

Chop Chop!

Juicy Herb Spiced Pork Chops and more...

From $83 pp

Latin Love

Rich and refined flavors from land and sea.

From $82 pp

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